I want you to meet Sophia and Peter. Some mutual friends introduced us to this sharp, attractive couple while we were in Eastern Europe.

Those aren’t their real names and what I will say is very guarded. We want to keep them under the radar from some vicious oppressors who don’t approve of what they are doing.

So here’s the story. We sat mesmerized as it unfolded.

Both Sophia and Peter came from a region which is totally communist and atheist. As Sophia was growing up, her education was based on that belief system. Her parents were atheists. Her teachers were atheists. All of the people she knew were atheists.

When Sophia was 14, a visitor to the village showed a movie about Jesus, and the young girl was curious. She had never heard of this Man and He aroused her interest.

Then 3 years later, a friend received Jesus at an Episcopal Church meeting about 300 kilometers away. When she heard about it, Sophia wanted to attend one of the meetings, but of course her parents objected. Knowing that Sophia was strong-willed, they determined to stop her by throwing down a marker which they knew she couldn’t meet: She had no money for the train ticket.

Sophia couldn’t be stopped, however. She sold her prized jeans jacket for the price of the train fare and traveled the distance to attend the church.

In that service, her life changed forever as she received Jesus and the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. And they gave her a Bible.

Returning home, Sophia quickly led about 10 friends to the Lord. They began to meet every week and read together the only written material they had – Sophia’s Bible. Thus her first Home Church was established.

As they read their new Bible, they believed it and followed it. They saw that people should be healed, so they began to pray accordingly – and people were healed. When a lady was healed from stage 4 cancer, the church quickly grew to 300.

That’s when the persecution first started. The officials were afraid of this new influen

That was 25 years ago, and Sophia has never stopped. She and her husband Peter (who received Jesus under her ministry) have led hundreds – maybe thousands – to the Lord.

They have been Pastors over home churches for that many years.

The persecution and intimidation have increased, but so has their zeal. They have had to be innovative and discreet, so their meetings have moved from place to place.

Now they have to meet in the woods or at a park. Sometimes under the guise of social events. But they have never stopped ministering to their people. They pastor churches which meet secretly.

We wish we could be more specific about their techniques, but we don’t want to bring any danger to them. These young, beautiful people have become undercover ministers so that their work may continue. And there is a powerful revival underway because of their shrewd techniques.

Sophia and Peter have professional jobs, so all personal needs are met. However, their ministry expenses are paid out of pocket. No offerings are taken.

As we listened, we wondered how many people would continue to be faithful under such circumstances.

Would you?

Would we?

We felt the Holy Spirit tell us to help them in any way we can. Provide teachings in their language. Technology. Whatever will help such dedicated people of God.

So we received our first assignment to assist them.

Sophia and Peter need some specialized equipment in order to maximize their work. We have located some equipment which fills the bill costing only $3600.

So we are asking our partners to help us help them.

As we travel abroad, we realize more than ever how blessed we are as a nation. Even what may seem like small gifts mean so very much to others around the world.

Please pray and ask God if you are to be part of this. This could easily be provided if 36 people give $100. Or 100 give $36. Any amount would help us help them.

You have already been so very generous, and we appreciate it.

Thanks for taking the time to pray about it. We love you.

Keep on Soaring!

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