Nicaragua needs our prayers.

Chaos and more chaos around the world, it seems. Earthquakes, volcanos, cracks in the earth, and of course, the incessant crime, violence, and political unrest.

People need to know God’s love more than ever. This is an opportunity for millions around the world to realize that they need a Savior – and to be open to the gospel message. When the love of Jesus gets poured out upon hurting, desperate people, there will be many lives transformed.

Which brings me to a special place: Nicaragua.

We were planning a trip to Nicaragua in mid-June. We were going with a team led by a couple who lived in the country for many years and who have lots of friends there.

Yet a few weeks ago, the peaceful country of Nicaragua took a turn. Daniel Ortega, though voted into the presidency as a democratic leader, has persistently executed a power grab until now he is essentially a dictator. A few years ago he named his wife as Vice President, and the couple now run the country with an iron fist.

But there is a new generation…

In April, Ortega announced that the pension fund for the elderly was bankrupt and that he was lowering their benefits  – and at the same time, increasing the tax levy on the younger generation. He and his wife had already been accused of siphoning government money into their own accounts. Enough was enough.

Cries of “No More!!” resounded in the streets as the college students rose up in opposition. But their cries were not taken very well by the brutal dictator. Ortega let prisoners out of jail and instructed them to join with his police force in responding violently to the demonstrations. Violence ensued and 47 of the demonstrators have been slaughtered. Hundreds have been injured in the melee.

But this new generation is not backing down…

Finally Ortega withdrew his pension decree, but that was not enough. By that time, the students and others had unified in their efforts to oust the controlling and corrupt president. There had been too much control and too much corruption. They are now demanding that he leave office and allow for free elections.

The president’s response has been to force the demonstrations to cease by initiating other pressures. He has cut back on available gas and his entourage has looted grocery stores. Cars have been stopped and searched with intimidating tactics. People are tired and afraid.

But these young demonstrators – and the older ones who have joined in – are demanding that Ortega and his wife leave. Their cries have reached the ears of United Nations officials who are sending in investigators on their behalf.

The US State Department has withdrawn all families of US personnel and the embassy is operating on a limited schedule. They are advising all US citizens to cancel travel to the country.

So our trip has been cancelled…

We will reschedule as soon as the violence stops – when it’s safe for a team to go in. We hope to be able to send some evangelistic kits into the area before we can actually get there ourselves.

In the meantime, we are asking you to join us in praying for these precious people. The Nicaraguans are normally a kind and peaceful group. All of this turmoil has brought terrific fear and deprivation. Pray that there will be a speedy solution.

We are praying that they will be eager to hear God’s good news of Jesus when the violence subsides.

We appreciate you so very much. Together we can truly make a big difference.

Keep on Soaring!


P.S. The Go Ye Portable Presentation Systems are getting very close to launch time. They are being analyzed, fine-tuned, and tested in the field. We will be announcing this new development very soon.