Soon mission teams will be traveling from all over the USA to countries around the globe. They will build churches, clean up neighborhoods, feed the hungry, and minister to children. All of this is great.

However, will they really leave changed lives? Will they introduce people to Jesus? Will they win souls?

Now they Can…

For the last few months, Mickey has been perfecting a kit to be sent with mission teams. Even youth with no preaching experience can set up this system to show the Jesus Film – and other films to an audience anywhere in the world.

Let me Introduce you to the  Go Ye Max Portable Presentation System designed for the mission field.

With a first class projector, an amplifier, speakers, batteries, tripods, and microphones, your teams can show the Jesus Film in 1600 different languages anywhere in the world. In the bush or in the city.

With the addon of a screen and solar panel, the most remote areas can experience this powerful film.

After the dramatic film, based on the Book of Luke, the microphone allows for an altar call and testimonies. Everything you need to maximize your missions.

All of this comes packed in a case which fits in the overhead compartment of most airplanes, and it weighs less than 24 lbs. Easy for travel and easy to set up.

It’s time to turn missions teams into soul-winning teams.

As I write this, the Go Ye Max is being tested in the field. Stay tuned for more details.