The Liberian Well Project (Otherwise known as Meme’s Well) is being accomplished! Other churches and individuals have stepped in to help, and as we speak a new well is being drilled on the Liberian property.

Many of you might remember the stories about Meme and his  brothers. 6 year-old Meme lives with his mother and two older brothers in a rural area about 40 miles from Monrovia, Liberia. The property is close to the Atlantic Ocean, but there is no access to pure running water. There is no water for cooking, bathing, or drinking.

So Meme and his brothers have to walk a mile and a half one way in order to get water. They push a wheel barrow loaded with jugs and make the sometimes sandy, sometimes muddy trek to the nearest creek. They load the jugs and bring them home. It’s not purified water, but it is water.

One of our projects has been to raise money for a well. Not only would Meme’s family enjoy the convenience, but neighboring families as well.

As I write this, this project is underway. Other ministries took up the call and the money has been provided. Pastor Tour from World Harvest Church Liberia is overseeing the project. Very soon Meme and his brothers will have running water!

Earlier, through this same project,  Global Reach provided the equipment necessary for a solar system to be installed at Meme’s property. All of that equipment was taken to Liberia in the fall of 2017.

Now with this well project underway, we are happy to report that the Meme’s Well Project is complete.

Their lives are taking a leap forward as they have the water and the power they need available 24/7.

Another example of God’s people reaching out, working together, and helping each other.

Blessings and Keep on Soaring!