In our recent ministry trip to eastern Europe, we met a miracle.

Pastor Edwin, founder and leader of House On The Rock in Cieszyn, Poland is that miracle.

You see, Pastor Edwin was born very prematurely and with many health problems. His head was swollen and misshapen with fluid and there was a hole in his lung. The doctors were using every available means to facilitate healing, but there was no hope.

As a special favor to his precious grandmother, the doctors sent him home to die… But the doctors didn’t know his grandmother. She was a prayer warrior, and was determined to see God move on behalf of her grandson.

For seven days Edwin’s grandmother gave herself to prayer and fasting. She knew that God could heal anything – she had seen it in the Bible. As her prayers went up, the tiny body began to change. The hole in his lung closed and his head began to reduce in size. The doctors were amazed as Edwin was totally healed by the hand of God.

Over the years, growing up in his grandmother’s house, little Edwin had several encounters with God. Dreams and visions came to him on occasion, and he knew at an early age that he was called into the ministry of Jesus.

Then came the music. As easily as words come to a child, musical themes and lyrics began to come to young Edwin. It seemed to be as easy as breathing. Over the years he has written more than 100 songs of praise and worship to God.

Today Pastor Edwin leads a congregation of avid believers who know their God and expect to see Him work. He has taught them how to truly worship by leading them with his anointed team of musicians – of course, led by him and his guitar.  Many of these believers have experienced God’s hand in their personal lives as their Savior has delivered them from drugs or alcohol. Many have testimonies of healing.


Though they are in the midst of many people who worship God from afar, the House On The Rock believers know their God, and are eager to reach out and show His merciful healing to others around them. Indeed, they are doing just that.

Pastor Edwin and his team are in the process of purchasing a building to house the homeless. The ravages of war and despotism which have hammered the Polish nation have left many in desperation. And, of course, drug and alcohol addiction have followed. The church is reaching out with every means possible to bring deliverance to them.

It was such a pleasure ministering in House On The Rock. The people were eager to receive what God had for them, and gifts were flowing freely to encourage them to continue in their mission. Grazyna and Ewa, our anointed translators helped us deliver the word with power and conviction.

We felt a true connection with these people. They have endured much hardship to get to this place, but God is faithful and there is great reward for their work.

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