Let me introduce you to two powerful ministry leaders in Ukraine.

Our amazing trip to Kiev started with our introduction to Tatyana. She had lined up all of our accommodations  –  a beautiful apartment, a driver, an interpreter to travel with us, and three ministry meetings. She also was our interpreter for ministry, since almost no one spoke English.

Tatyana is a visionary, for sure. She and her husband, Victor, have lived in the US and in Ukraine for more than 25 years. After traveling as evangelists, they established a Bible School in Ukraine. Dozens of young believers received instruction there and were launched into ministry.

Today Tatyana is refurbishing a huge facility in order to house orphans in Kiev. On a daily basis she takes care of children from the surrounding area. There are housing projects nearby, and she brings in the children to learn about God and to have a safe place to play and learn.

Throughout our stay, we would stop by the building and there was always activity. Some of Tatyana’s proteges were meeting for prayer. Others were in the kitchen preparing lunch. One of Suellen’s Ladies Meetings was held at this facility

On Sunday afternoon – after church – we attended Tatyana’s annual Program in the Park. It’s an opportunity to bring churches together for worship and to bless the children just before school starts. The children sang, one of the area pastors delivered an encouraging message, and school supplies and candy were given to the children.

Tatyana’s a busy lady – strong and bold for the Lord. Ready in season and out of season.

On Saturday night and Sunday, we met another great leader, Pastor Pavel, who was our host at Holy Spirit Church. There was an immediate connection – even though he spoke no English and we spoke no Russian or Ukrainian. There was a spiritual connection.

Pastor Pavel is an Orthopedic Surgeon as well as founder of the church, and works both jobs diligently. For 16 years he and his family have persisted in bringing the truth of God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit to a hurting group of people. His entire family is involved in ministry, worship music, or both.

The Ukrainians have been through terrific turmoil as they have struggled to free themselves from Communist oppression. As one might expect, alcoholism and drug addiction are rampant, so that’s an emphasis for Pastor Pavel’s ministry. They have opened a rehab facility where men are not only delivered, but introduced to Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit for freedom. Their next goal is to open a center for women.

As we sat around a table with an interpreter, the light in the eyes and the beaming faces showed us the hearts of these people. We were not speaking the same language, but we understood each other as we work for the same Lord.

The human condition is the same throughout the world – and the answer is the same. People everywhere need the same Jesus and the same Holy Spirit to deliver them from their sorrow.

What a joy to see the work that is being done by these precious people. We want to do everything we can to help them reach their God-inspired goals.

The one area that is lacking is Russian teaching materials. We are in the process now of finding and providing such materials.

And we’ll be going back, for sure.

Love and Keep on Soaring!

Mickey and Suellen Estes

P.S. Always remember how important you are to us. Your prayers and support have made our mission possible. Our fruit is your fruit.