The “10/40 Window” is one of the greatest challenges of our time. That part of the world which is bounded by the 10 North and 40 North latitudinal lines constitutes a rectangle across North Africa, the Mideast, and across much of Asia.

In that area there are 3.06 billion people in approximately 5,832 “unreached people groups” most of whom have never heard about Jesus.

As much money as has been poured into spreading the gospel and as many people as have given their lives to missions, we have to ask, “Why?” “Why haven’t we been more effective?”

Strangely, when we read the earliest accounts in the Bible – and when we read the stories of Paul’s journeys in the New testament – most of the activity happened within that rectangle. The 10/40/Window contains the scenes of the earliest teachings of Jesus and the spreading of the Gospel.

So what happened?

After a few centuries, the Gospel had been watered down by corruption in the church. Then there was much upheaval through wars and invasions, so that many other cultures and beliefs began to have sway. So most of the region which at one time had a strong Judeo-Christian heritage now no longer recognizes it.

As we move to the east in the 10/40 rectangle, we move away from the early Bible scenes, but the problem is similar. There are many established religions – even secularism – but not very much Christianity.

And many of these people have never heard the Gospel even once! There are many people who don’t even know a single Christian.

It’s truly hard to believe.

One of the major reasons for ineffectiveness in the region: It was early on – and it is now still – a dangerous area to evangelize. Sometimes threats loom for those who receive Jesus. Christians aren’t welcome in many places, and it takes much planning and determination to impact the region.

But that’s where we need to make a difference.

It’s a challenge, for sure, but God wants the name of Jesus to be brought to the whole world.

Jesus died – and rose again – for everyone. They just need to hear about it.

With all of the problems facing evangelism, God has plans to get the job done. There are reports of Jesus appearing to people in dreams. And there are plans for passing the message through modern technology along with more traditional approaches of evangelism.

God has His supernatural ways of getting things done.

So the story isn’t over yet! There’s more to come.

At Global Reach Project, we are privileged to be a part of it!

Keep on Soaring!

Mickey and Suellen

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